caroline and flik

“….thanks for a great day on Friday…I really enjoyed the workshop, and it’s always great to listen to someone who has had so much more experience than you have……some of the things you taught us were amazing – the human body is incredible, isn’t it?…..”

buy your tickets direct with nicola – contact details in get in touch

Please note that  more 2020 dates may be yet to come.    In the meantime we will be running workshops as they are requested. See whats available on the workshops page and get in touch to organise one in your area.

NB For Red Tent Doulas there is always a breastfeeding day on the Friday of your weekend training – the tent begins in the evening.

Please also note you can organise a one to one belly wrapping session with me if there isn’t one listed. Get in touch.

Monday 16th March 2020
Motherwarming – traditional postpartum wisdom

Monday 8th June 2020
Birth Art – focus on trauma

Monday 15th June 2020
Birth Art – focus on trauma

These are sometimes subject to change so do check in from time to time. Minimum is 5 women to run and we hit our maximum at almost every workshop so do book swiftly to avoid disappointment.

“…….I can still feel the reverb from that day. It went deep. I was so moved by how you held the space for us all … so graceful and unpretentious. Believe me, I’ve had a lot of experience of bullshit.
You have a real gift, thank you for sharing it with me. I learned so much… The quality of your listening, your genuine openness to all walks of life, your strength and vulnerability….”

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