Final thoughts

What a trip to be here at such an interesting time. Three different cities with hugely different energy.

  • Gentrification is such an issue in all three cities. Million dollar plus homes with homeless people right by. Emperors new clothes. Evolutions of cities fascinate me.
  • We need to sit with our elders to put our own lives in perspective and LEARN.
  • On this trip I’ve met several beloved people I only knew virtually from the Internet. Social media love affairs are very real. I love them all dearly.
  • Connecting with old friends is nectar for the soul. Call up someone right now.
  • Meeting said old friends family is just as delightful. To see them all suceeding makes me so happy.
  • Manhattan is surreal. Everything you recognise on crack. Way too much for me.
  • Trump tower was a magnified version of that. Military police with huge guns and absolute mayhem. 
  • When travelling I’ve learnt to trust my instinct and follow my nose. This took me to the most amazing roti breakfast of my life.
  • I have seen some amazing art in NYC – i find it enthralling but always have the sense of cheating by just wandering by when I should really spend an hour in front of each one. Monets water lilies – van goghs starry night – Jackson pollock – an endless list of greats including the amazing art being created in the studio next door to my bedroom.
  • Our children need other adults. No1 daughter just got the best lecture about never dating a loser from a man who thinks men who don’t support their children should go to jail. We need more male voices of this calibre.
  • Yesterday I thanked God for all the martial arts training in my life when I dodged a giant hand angled at my head by a crazy dude in Harlem.
  • Whilst eating in Harlem I was rather disturbed that the gentlemen next to me told me he was packing in case some Isis motherfuckers roll up in here – he wants to be a hero.
  • So happy I can hang with my child and experience life.

Now I’m off to nap in a series of lounges, planes, trains and automobiles. Happy holidays y’all 

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