Final thoughts

What a trip to be here at such an interesting time. Three different cities with hugely different energy.

  • Gentrification is such an issue in all three cities. Million dollar plus homes with homeless people right by. Emperors new clothes. Evolutions of cities fascinate me.
  • We need to sit with our elders to put our own lives in perspective and LEARN.
  • On this trip I’ve met several beloved people I only knew virtually from the Internet. Social media love affairs are very real. I love them all dearly.
  • Connecting with old friends is nectar for the soul. Call up someone right now.
  • Meeting said old friends family is just as delightful. To see them all suceeding makes me so happy.
  • Manhattan is surreal. Everything you recognise on crack. Way too much for me.
  • Trump tower was a magnified version of that. Military police with huge guns and absolute mayhem. 
  • When travelling I’ve learnt to trust my instinct and follow my nose. This took me to the most amazing roti breakfast of my life.
  • I have seen some amazing art in NYC – i find it enthralling but always have the sense of cheating by just wandering by when I should really spend an hour in front of each one. Monets water lilies – van goghs starry night – Jackson pollock – an endless list of greats including the amazing art being created in the studio next door to my bedroom.
  • Our children need other adults. No1 daughter just got the best lecture about never dating a loser from a man who thinks men who don’t support their children should go to jail. We need more male voices of this calibre.
  • Yesterday I thanked God for all the martial arts training in my life when I dodged a giant hand angled at my head by a crazy dude in Harlem.
  • Whilst eating in Harlem I was rather disturbed that the gentlemen next to me told me he was packing in case some Isis motherfuckers roll up in here – he wants to be a hero.
  • So happy I can hang with my child and experience life.

Now I’m off to nap in a series of lounges, planes, trains and automobiles. Happy holidays y’all 

Leaving LA

What a joy it is to be with your birthkeeper sister in her home town seeing the city and eating everything in sight.

  • The gap between rich and poor here is like nowhere I have seen. Many many homeless desperate folk. Prayers.
  • Visiting Agape church and witnessing it’s incredible experience. What a sermon. Look forward to your successful self. Beckwith is great – I’ll be live streaming on Sundays when I get home. If you like the secret and believe in God I strongly suggest you check it out.
  • If ever in LA you MUST visit Panns Diner – original waffle flavour. Hairnets and all.
  • Gentrification is a disease. Affected coffee shops are the spots. They are springing up everywhere and I love good coffee but I’m not sure we need quite so many in the world. Trying to talk to the staff in the one we used was excruciating – I was mos def not cool enough. Coffee was good – attitude sucked.
  • The way we are inflating property prices in our big cities is ridiculous.
  • Nutella and salted pretzel shakes are a genius idea.
  • LA has many women who don’t really eat.
  • It’s normal to have mandatory bible study at the shelter for vulnerable pregnant mums.
  • Please donate to Guiditta’s foundation – it is vital. So good to meet the crew of LA doulas and promised midwives serving these women.
  • I ate a brightly covered cookie and had a crazy allergic reaction. Must remember food rules are different here!
  • Dude asked me for a light for his doobie as he left the Disney film. Medical marijuana dispensaries are everywhere and I think it’s a great idea. Why are we throwing people in jail for a weed?!
  • Today I learnt you see LA cops at the green juice spot not the donut store.
  • I just said store – I must not come home with that weird mid Atlantic lingo or accent – am ordering myself
  • Goodbye LA you are beautiful – I will be back.

Spas and culture

I had a jam packed day and am almost over my jetlag. More thoughts on the USA.

  • Today I went to the Korean spa and was naked with lots of women. Women should be naked with lots of women. Young and old. Large and skin and bones. The sauna had a tv showing advertising in it – I imagined my Scandinavian friends fainting at the thought. I lament the disappearance of pubic hair. Having a naked oil massage on a plastic bed is dangerous people.
  • In a big city you get to visit so many other places. We visited china, Japan, Korea and Mexico today. One word churros. Who knew you can buy dumplings with soup in the middle?
  • You realise you listened to way to much west coast hiphop growing up when you are constantly recognising Crenshaw boulevard, inglewood and la county jail like others recognise Big Ben.
  • It’s not unusual for postpartum doulas to be filmed while working in the US by the parents or asked to have vaccines
  • Still bowled over by the level of manners
  • LA has some amazing historical buildings – seriously God loves me once upon a time my host was a tour guide
  • Guiditta is running an amazing foundation here giving free doula support to vulnerable women. Can you help her in anyway? Please donate – this is vital

Thoughts on my trip to america

I’m on an epic trip across the states to hang out with some of my dearest friends and wanted to gather my thoughts as it’s such an interesting time to visit. Hoping to post every day or so.

  • Halal really is the best option on a flight, in hospital, in jail – I felt so happy eating my spinach and paneer with chapati while everyone else ate something that looked like flavoured plastic in gravy
  • All my flight crew were 55 plus which meant I felt like a set of grandmothers were looking after me – way to go America with not discriminating on that 
  • Said grandmothers definately turned a little frosty after delivering my “special” meal through gritted teeth
  • Snowden is a great movie – maybe don’t watch it on a flight to the states
  • So grateful for my essential oils and my rebozo shield from the man in front of me who had BAD gas
  • First class passengers get an extra strap – worth the extra thousand dollars?
  • Too much grilling, fingerprinting, photographing for my liking – homeland security now own my photo and prints 
  • Watched in horror as I was stamped and waved through easily and every Asian and melanin shaded person got a double grilling
  • Last night I experienced the opulence of LA when I saw a yacht that had a helicopter on top
  • So far everyone is super polite and happy 
  • I love Mexican food – expect a chubbier version of me on my return 
  • Am grateful for my host and all she does for mothers and babies – what would we do without the birthkeepers? They are vital to changing the state of play by facilitating that love relationship
  • Corn syrup is the first ingredient in most baby formula here 
  • If you really want to know someone visit them in their home – it’s just so special to see all their things and experience that energy