Spas and culture

I had a jam packed day and am almost over my jetlag. More thoughts on the USA.

  • Today I went to the Korean spa and was naked with lots of women. Women should be naked with lots of women. Young and old. Large and skin and bones. The sauna had a tv showing advertising in it – I imagined my Scandinavian friends fainting at the thought. I lament the disappearance of pubic hair. Having a naked oil massage on a plastic bed is dangerous people.
  • In a big city you get to visit so many other places. We visited china, Japan, Korea and Mexico today. One word churros. Who knew you can buy dumplings with soup in the middle?
  • You realise you listened to way to much west coast hiphop growing up when you are constantly recognising Crenshaw boulevard, inglewood and la county jail like others recognise Big Ben.
  • It’s not unusual for postpartum doulas to be filmed while working in the US by the parents or asked to have vaccines
  • Still bowled over by the level of manners
  • LA has some amazing historical buildings – seriously God loves me once upon a time my host was a tour guide
  • Guiditta is running an amazing foundation here giving free doula support to vulnerable women. Can you help her in anyway? Please donate – this is vital

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