Leaving LA

What a joy it is to be with your birthkeeper sister in her home town seeing the city and eating everything in sight.

  • The gap between rich and poor here is like nowhere I have seen. Many many homeless desperate folk. Prayers.
  • Visiting Agape church and witnessing it’s incredible experience. What a sermon. Look forward to your successful self. Beckwith is great – I’ll be live streaming on Sundays when I get home. If you like the secret and believe in God I strongly suggest you check it out.
  • If ever in LA you MUST visit Panns Diner – original waffle flavour. Hairnets and all.
  • Gentrification is a disease. Affected coffee shops are the spots. They are springing up everywhere and I love good coffee but I’m not sure we need quite so many in the world. Trying to talk to the staff in the one we used was excruciating – I was mos def not cool enough. Coffee was good – attitude sucked.
  • The way we are inflating property prices in our big cities is ridiculous.
  • Nutella and salted pretzel shakes are a genius idea.
  • LA has many women who don’t really eat.
  • It’s normal to have mandatory bible study at the shelter for vulnerable pregnant mums.
  • Please donate to Guiditta’s foundation – it is vital. So good to meet the crew of LA doulas and promised midwives serving these women. http://www.joyinbirthingfoundation.org/donate.html
  • I ate a brightly covered cookie and had a crazy allergic reaction. Must remember food rules are different here!
  • Dude asked me for a light for his doobie as he left the Disney film. Medical marijuana dispensaries are everywhere and I think it’s a great idea. Why are we throwing people in jail for a weed?!
  • Today I learnt you see LA cops at the green juice spot not the donut store.
  • I just said store – I must not come home with that weird mid Atlantic lingo or accent – am ordering myself
  • Goodbye LA you are beautiful – I will be back.

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