All of the workshops below will run for one day and are offered in Edinburgh, London and elsewhere in the UK and overseas regularly throughout the year. We run them on demand so if you do not see one listed in your area please do get in touch to see if we can bring one to you. Please use the title in bold when booking. Underneath the title are some of the areas explored during the workshop. Please note all workshops are £75- unless stated otherwise. You can book tickets emailing nicola. Details in get in touch To find out when the next one is hit the dates link to your left – if you want us to bring one to you get in touch – see contact us 🙂


Grandmothers medicine

Over the years i have chosen to treat myself, my family and those i support in birth and parenting naturally and recently have been repeatedly asked to lead a workshop on these natural remedies so here we are.

  • day workshop learning how to keep your family and those you work with out of the GP’s office
  • help strengthen your immune system and alleviate your toxic load
  • homeopathy, herbs, food, oils, bathing and all sorts of techniques
  • by the end of the session you understand how to organise a natural medicine cabinet
  • lots of childhood medicine included
  • support women into their wellness especially when there is no allopathic remedy available due to pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • learn how to harvest and use your natural resources
  • learn how to make tinctures, balms, oils and dry your herbs


Postnatal belly wrapping

(also available by skype as a one to one – get in touch – not regularly scheduled)

This workshop is suitable for mothers to be as well as birth keepers. We honour the grandmothers who have preserved these traditions and make this workshop a sharing of what we have learnt from them thus far.

  • two hour workshop learning how to wrap mama’s belly in her postnatal rest period
  • helps strengthen the tummy and back
  • brings the stomach muscles back in which helps them heal back together in a stronger, flatter less protruding way
  • by the end of the session you understand what’s happened to the physiology during pregnancy and how to strengthen and retain core stability in the postnatal period

NB this workshop  costs £60- for the workshop and the wrap which you will take away.

Rebozo and womens shawl tradition sharing session

This workshop is suitable for mothers to be, birth partners as well as birthkeepers of all varieties. We honour the grandmothers of all nations who preserved this knowledge for us and explore worldwide traditions.

  • this workshop covers learning how the rebozo scarf is utilised during pregnancy and birth
  • provides insight to use for massage and positional support
  • we are looking at the rebozo as a magical tool and womans ancient knowledge not an intervention or a mere physiological prop
  • fun, easy, physical workshop which will bring some more magic to your practice
  • closing ceremonies of the world

We can put you in touch with an authentic traditional rebozo producer in mexico to purchase your scarf. It’s important that it is long enough, handwoven and from cotton to truly work as it should.

Motherwarming – decolonising the postpartum – postnatal support workshop

Day workshop exploring traditional postnatal techniques from around the world. We honour the grandmothers who have preserved these traditions.

  • suitable for mothers, birthkeepers and anyone else who’ll be loving the mother postnatally
  • warming foods
  • massage
  • herbs, tonics and oils for healing and restoring
  • bengkung and other traditional postnatal abdominal wraps
  • closing the bones
  • vaginal steaming
  • strategies for keeping the resting and warming going

Herbs for Birthworkers

A day learning about and creating herbal remedies and products for use around birth with Kate Scott Bsc (Hons) Herbal medicine – Medicinal Herbalist and Doula.

£65 pp with handouts and ingredients provided!

Winter Ills and Hedgerow Berries

Herb Walk and workshop learning about and making herbal remedies for winter ills, with elderberry syrup, thyme and liquorice, decongestant rub and much more!

£60 pp including Handout and all course materials.

Christmas Herbal Workshop

A day packed with making lovely herbal gifts such as salves and infused alcohols to take home. We will also cover some Christmas first aid such as hangover and over indulgence herbal remedies!

£80 pp to include all course materials.

Loving the Multiple Mamas

You want to be all clued up when it comes to working with multiple mamas.
You want to know how they can be born, how they can be fed and how the hell anyone gets any sleep.

This workshop is for you.

It’s a day devoted to the doulas who want to support the families who are expecting more than one.

You’ll walk away with a good overview of what it’s like to work with and support multiple mamas. You’ll be ready to take on twin clients, without needing to make a ‘what the hell do I do next?’ phone call to me.

As the ‘go to doula’ when it comes to twins, I’m used to hearing from doulas who want answers to their questions and all the tips and tricks I’ve accumulated over the years. As a mother of five, with twins of my own, I’ve had the privilege of supporting lots of multiple mamas and have seen many variations of twin birth, from 25 weekers to 41+3 weekers. Vaginal, caesarean births, you name it, I’ve done it. Postnatally my multiple mamas have kept me very busy. The majority breastfeed beyond 6 months.

I want you to feel confident in supporting twin families – it’s fun and they need you!

When you leave you won’t be thinking ‘double trouble’, you’ll be thinking ‘double blessing’.

£85- per session

For booking details, please email:

Developing spirituality around birth
Last year I was invited by the Italian doulas summer school to run a day for them with the remit spirituality around birth – it was an incredible day I enjoyed so much that I wanted to hang with birthkeepers talking spirituality more often!

  • how are you developing your spirituality around being a birthkeeper
  • what are your traditions around birthing
  • how to support families developing their understanding of the Divine around birth
  • motherblessings and fatherblessings
  • traditional spiritual understandings of birth and motherhood
  • we will bless each other as part of this day – onward with our journey as birthkeepers

Birth Art sessions
(available to arrange on demand or one-to-one – not regularly scheduled)

  • particularly good for those working with parents to unpick their own story
  • interactive and varied
  • using all sorts of art medium – we’ve sewn, used pastels and made a giant labyrinth on the grass to walk amongst many other things
  • you do not need to be “an artist” or “artistic” its just about using a different side of your brain to be creative and see what happens

see here for more on birth art and what it is


Oils for the Childbearing Year

suitable for anyone who works around birth

  • by the end of the day you’ll have a basic understanding of oils around birth, pregnancy and early postnatal days
  • you’ll leave with a blend for hand massage in pregnancy, back massage in labour and a jar of postnatal bath salts

Costs £65 (£15 is for materials)

Going Deeper …. New Beginnings
(available to arrange on demand – not regularly scheduled)

  • how do you deal with things that don’t go to plan? Long pregnancies, breech presentations, augmentations, episiotomies and more
  • loss
  • we’ll revisit our cherish yourself activity
  • support and where you find it from
  • the day ends with a blessingway for the beginning or continuation of your journey supporting families around birth

Holistic Breastfeeding Support for Birthworkers and Parents

“The Breastfeeding workshop last week was really wonderful and I left with such a uplifted feeling being present in a room of such diverse and intelligent women”

  • language
  • what happens with breastfeeding support when you can take a holistic approach?
  • how nutrition, the birth impact and rest work
  • advice vs information
  • your breastfeeding experience
  • how does it work?
  • trouble shooting
  • knowing when you’re in further than you should be
  • boundaries
  • nurturing the mother
  • what can you do to support?

‘Unpacking’ workshop
(available to arrange on demand – not regularly scheduled)

  • birth – whose is it?
  • what is it?
  • what is your family’s legacy
  • how was your own?
  • birth stories
  • listening skills
  • keeping your own birth out of others’
  • exploring why you want to do this work

Antenatal support workshop

(available to arrange on demand – not regularly scheduled)

  • birth stories
  • alternative therapies
  • what do they want from you?
  • what do they want from their birth?
  • their past
  • how did they meet etc. Getting to know them
  • info
  • views on birth
  • sorting out care
  • AIMS and support groups
  • birth potential (factors positively/negatively influencing birth)
  • hormones, sphincters – creating and protecting the birth space – what can we share on this? Covering labour, birth, placentas and the first few hours
  • waterbirth
  • homebirth
  • partners and supporters – their role as physical, spiritual and emotional caregivers
  • fear
  • care givers – midwives, doctors, doulas

Ethics and assertiveness (advocacy)

(available to arrange on demand – not regularly scheduled)

  • non-mothers
  • unassisted birth
  • exploring actual birth scenarios
  • boundaries
  • arguments
  • your family and your needs
  • obstetrics V midwifery (making reality)
  • birth crisis

Breastfeeding and postnatal care

(available to arrange on demand – not regularly scheduled)

  • processing the birth
  • debriefing with notes
  • nutrition / cooking for the family
  • support to access her own continuum
  • what happens in other cultures?
  • co-sleeping/slings
  • women’s body care
  • perineums/nipples
  • gentle birth/gentle mothering
  • you are not a bf counsellor or midwife so what are you?

“Intelligent tea drinking” / doula tools

(available to arrange on demand – not regularly scheduled)

  • doing nothing
  • language
  • the power of the smile, just sitting knitting and the whisper
  • how to support a woman accessing her own wisdom and birth skills
  • aromatherapy
  • homeopathy
  • the shawl
  • the ethics of documenting the birth for the parents
  • self-care during the birth

Self-care for birthkeepers – banishing burnout

  • back-ups – are you held by a sister birthkeeper?
  • business – is your business ethic helping or hindering you? are you charging enough for the energy you expend?
  • support – who supports you the supporter?
  • debriefs – are you discharging the energy from the births you support at? or the postnatal families?
  • places/ways to connect/escape
  • your family – are they happy with your work? are they rewarded? are they involved?
  • child care – whats happening with your babies while you support other babies to begin their life in this world?
  • your birth stories – how are your stories impacting your ability to love others?
  • love yourself!!!!!!

When it all goes “wrong”

(available to arrange on demand – not regularly scheduled)

  • still birth
  • loss
  • panic and pain
  • interventions
  • challenging staff
  • fear
  • meconium
  • breech
  • lack of support
  • prematurity
  • breastfeeding
  • dealing with/supporting loss (not saying ‘I know’)
  • colic

Setting up

(available to arrange on demand – not regularly scheduled)

  • our journey
  • advertising
  • local midwifery protocols
  • networking
  • Doula UK
  • Scottish Doula Network
  • fees
  • undercutting / ethics
  • teams
  • charity work
  • legalities, rights, responsibilities
  • insurance
  • lists and networks of local doulas
  • events to launch new doulas and to meet existing doulas

Birth Stories

(available to arrange on demand – not regularly scheduled)

  • process your own birth story
  • how do you feel about your birth
  • connect and journey with your emotions
  • be heard
  • mourn and celebrate

Please note if you have had more than one birth you will need to focus on one birth only per workshop – otherwise it gets confusing!

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    • hello there. absolutely. we look at traditional postnatal techniques and remedies around rest, nutrition, herbs, massage, closing ceremonies, belly binding and make sure we also cover issues surrounding these such as cultural competency and appropriation. we’d love to have you join us x


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