Thoughts on my trip to america

I’m on an epic trip across the states to hang out with some of my dearest friends and wanted to gather my thoughts as it’s such an interesting time to visit. Hoping to post every day or so.

  • Halal really is the best option on a flight, in hospital, in jail – I felt so happy eating my spinach and paneer with chapati while everyone else ate something that looked like flavoured plastic in gravy
  • All my flight crew were 55 plus which meant I felt like a set of grandmothers were looking after me – way to go America with not discriminating on that 
  • Said grandmothers definately turned a little frosty after delivering my “special” meal through gritted teeth
  • Snowden is a great movie – maybe don’t watch it on a flight to the states
  • So grateful for my essential oils and my rebozo shield from the man in front of me who had BAD gas
  • First class passengers get an extra strap – worth the extra thousand dollars?
  • Too much grilling, fingerprinting, photographing for my liking – homeland security now own my photo and prints 
  • Watched in horror as I was stamped and waved through easily and every Asian and melanin shaded person got a double grilling
  • Last night I experienced the opulence of LA when I saw a yacht that had a helicopter on top
  • So far everyone is super polite and happy 
  • I love Mexican food – expect a chubbier version of me on my return 
  • Am grateful for my host and all she does for mothers and babies – what would we do without the birthkeepers? They are vital to changing the state of play by facilitating that love relationship
  • Corn syrup is the first ingredient in most baby formula here 
  • If you really want to know someone visit them in their home – it’s just so special to see all their things and experience that energy 

One thought on “Thoughts on my trip to america

  1. Oh my gosh! so true about the ruddy photo and prints, I mean really?
    Luckily I had no smelly gas to contend with, but did forget to order a special meal- dammit 😋 Enjoy your trip Sister!


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