less than media perfect

woke up today to discover that people had been trying and failing to tag or message me on facebook. apparently I had violated the terms and conditions and had posted an inappropriate picture – have a look at it here 

imagine that! a doula sharing pictures of beautiful mothers and their children. FB were unable to cope with the non-airbrushed, less than media perfect breasts and bodies of women. I rarely rant on FB, really not worth the time, but this time…well something had to be said. of course the wonderful side effect of this is that some of my lovely friends have begun sharing it and in response, some of their friends are sharing it also. I suppose the other problem with the pictures that I shared is the lack of homophobic and/or racist content. apparently that stuff violates nothing. who knew? love rather than hate is not the order of the day.




i’m mars lord, a mother of 5. a doula passionate about women, birth, breastfeeding and placentas, with a huge special interest in twin birth.
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