a letter to purvi patel

A Letter to Purvi Patel


Heard the one about the woman sent to prison for 20 years after having a miscarriage?  Charged with killing her unborn child as well as neglecting the same live child?  http://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/feb/04/purvi-patel-found-guilty-feticide-unborn-childs-death No, not funny at all, is it? And yet it is something that has just happened in America.  Purvi Patel has found guilty of two mutually contradictory crimes.


What can you do?  Well… you can sign the petition http://action.rhrealitycheck.org/page/s/condemning-indiana


You can donate some money to the Purvi Patel Family Support Fund https://rhrc.democracyengine.com/purvi-patel


You can send Purvi a letter of support IRCRC, PO Box 723, Lafayette, IN 47902


And you can join the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/justiceforpurvipatel?fref=ts Justice for Purvi Patel] and keep updated with what’s going on.


You see, I believe that we need to join our voices, not just for Purvi, but for all women, our mothers, sisters, daughters and nieces.  This is an insidious thing.  Making women nothing more than vessels.  Removing our autonomy, our freedom of action, our right to justice.


One of our sisters has a 41 year sentence and will serve 20 years in jail.  We need to join to together, bring this out into the light and right an injustice and we should let our sister know that we are here.



IRCRC, PO Box 723, Lafayette, IN 47902


Hi Purvi


You don’t know me.  You probably won’t remember my name, because hopefully you will receive many many letters of support.


I am sorry that the State of Indiana have decided to prosecute and send you to jail because of your miscarriage. I live on the other side of The Pond, and I wanted to reach out to you, to let you know that there are people across the world who are standing with you.  We will do what we can from where we are to shout loudly and  create a mighty ROAR of voices.


In this dark time in your life, please know that we are doing what we can to bring this injustice to the light.


Sending you love.


Mars Lord

London, UK






i’m mars lord, a mother of 5. a doula passionate about women, birth, breastfeeding and placentas, with a huge special interest in twin birth.
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