tell me about birth and essential oils

some time ago i began work on a book for aromatherapy and birthing for birth keepers and parents – today i picked it back up and am merrily typing away 🙂 i’m looking for input from parents and birth keepers of their experiences ….whats your favourite oil? how have you found the most popular? have the health services been receptive? anything you want to tell me that you don’t mind popping up in the book to share what you know with the rest of the world – gracias

One thought on “tell me about birth and essential oils

  1. In a way , it has to be Frankincense – amazing oil, used since ancient times and have seen amazing results with it. I am using only Young Living, as know them being pure enough compared to some other companies, therefore they are very potent.
    Recently had used on my grand daughters umbilical cord a couple of drops, which meant the rest of the cord came away without any complications a couple of days later.
    Have used it with my youngest on deep wounds, as well as myself to promote healing and reduce scaring.


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